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Singer Songwriter

"A singer with real emotion: powerful, dedicated and professional."
Lee Rawlings
Montagfire Events & DJ at Phonic FM
"I don't think there was a dry eye in the room during Georgia's performance, such was the heartfelt and meaningful way she told her story through her song, which she sang beautifully and with dignified grace."
David Durrant Media for Good
"Soulful Songs of hope."
Visual Arts Radio
"Extraordinary, great vocals and thoughtful tunes."
Alpha Tide
"Emotional and touching songs from the heart."
Michael Chapman
Film Director
"Georgia Omarah's music is written from the heart ... an outstanding musician and lyricist, one of Devon's musical treasures."
Ted Evans Riviera FM
"Georgia is one of the most kindest, welcoming musicians I have had the pleasure to meet. She is so deserving of everything that comes her way. When myself and Mum heard Georgia for the first time in the theatre, not only was it so refreshing to see someone so down to earth, but your vocals and songwriting are something else!"
Yazzy Singer Songwriter